Webmax Workshop / Garage

Webmax Workshop enables you to manage your automotive business in the most efficient way that includes multi-branches control, sales commissions and stock movement. With Webmax Workshop you will be able to control the whole business process to achieve optimum result. Webmax Workshop is a advance and reliable innovation to help you growing your automotive business.

Our Innovation for Automotive Industry

Service Reminder

Webmax Workshop enables all of your customers to get SMS notification to inform when their vehicles are ready and have been fully serviced.

Reliable Tyre Tracking

Webmax Workshop enables you to track manufacturing year of your tyre stock; therefore you will be able to make beneficial decision on how to use them.

Multi-Branches Support

No company is too big for our system. Webmax Workshop will be able to support all branches of your company in any aspects of your business process.

Accurate Commission Calculation

With Webmax Workshop you can set the condition in rewarding your employees based on their contributions and your agreements with them.

Reliable Stock Control

Webmax Workshop is even able to manage your non-stock inventory efficiently yet accurately without creating any hassles in your process.

Stock Movement Alert

Our system is very reliable to inform you when there is no movement in your stock at all, therefore you will be able to act accordingly in time.

Other Benefits That You Can Enjoy

Easy & Save Time

  • No software to install

  • Detailed service information

  • Export reports to excel

Mobile Compatible

  • Access anywhere at anytime

  • Real time check of service’s status

  • Reliable notification system

Peace of Mind

  • Unlimited data storage

  • Automatic daily data back-up

  • Standard automotive business process

Cost Savings

  • Free customer support

  • Free automatic update

  • No upfront hardware required

  • No maintenance fee required

Pricing List

Choose the plan that fits your need

Workshop Basic

  • CRM + Sales + Purchase + Stock + GST + Accounting
  • Free Support
  • Free Update
  • 1 User

Workshop Essential

  • CRM + Sales + Purchase + Stock + GST + Accounting
  • Free Support
  • Free Update
  • 3 Users

Workshop Plus+

  • CRM + Sales + Purchase + Stock + GST + Accounting
  • Free Support
  • Free Update
  • 5 Users

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