Webmax B2B

Webmax B2B is our solution to simplify your “Business To Business” sales. If you are a wholesales who sells your products to retail companies, Webmax B2B will ensure that all inquiries, promotions, performances and other aspects of your business will be covered and handled well; hence optimizing your business efficiency and advantages.

Optimizing Your Business

Profesional Stock Enquiries

All of your incoming inquiries will be handled efficiently to be processed professionally.

Dealer To Self Order

The system provides reliable information of your stock availability to deliver upon inquiries.

Clear Performance Report

The system provides you with detailed performance reports displayed in your Dashboard.

Flexible Event Setting

For all of your promotional events, the system will be able to handle any required schemes.

Other Benefits

Easy & Save Time

  • No software to install

  • Export reports to excel

Mobile Compatible

  • Access anywhere at anytime

  • Check inquiries in real time mode

  • Performs action to inquiries in real time mode

Peace of Mind

  • Unlimited data storage

  • Automatic daily data backup

Cost Savings

  • Free customer supports

  • Automatic updates on software and features

  • No upfront hardware required

  • No maintenance cost required

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