Employee Workflow Solutions

Employee Workflow Solutions (EWS) is an user-friendly web-based approval business applications that can serve multi-companies. The system will allow users to effectively and efficiently get approval from their respective supervisors and complete all necessary documentations for any of their business requests such as claims, purchases, leaves, travels and other relevant business requests.

Our Multi-Companies EWS Modules


Finance modules provides efficiency in managing finance-related business request while ensuring all requirements are fulfilled before giving approvals

  • Capital Expenditure Request Approval

  • Purchase Requisition Request Approval

  • Claim Request Approval

  • Travel Request Approval

  • Bidding Request Approval

  • Credit Limit Request Approval

  • Credit Note Request Approval

  • Sales Order Request Approval

  • Tax Management

  • Time Sheet Management


Human Resource (HR) modules provides efficiency in managing your company’s resources and ensuring them to receive all the necessary facilities they deserve.

  • Hiring Request Approval

  • Staff On-Boarding Request Approval

  • Staff Confirmation Request Approval

  • Leave Request Approval

  • Staff Appraisal Request Approval

  • Contract Renewal Request Approval

  • Staff Bonus Request Approval

  • Staff Off-Boarding Request Approval


There are many other modules of our EWS system that will ensure your employees will receive the best experience of fully automated business workflow system.

  • Gift & Hospitality Request Approval

  • Campaign Business Plan Request Approval

  • Training Request Approval

  • New Client Registration Request Approval

  • New Vendor Registration Request Approval

  • Resources Booking Management

  • IT Service Request Approval

Benefits of Using Our EWS

Easy & Save Time

  • No software to install

  • Detailed serviced information

  • Export reports to excel

Mobile Compatible

  • Access anywhere at anytime

  • Real time check of service status

  • Reliable notification system

Peace of Mind

  • Unlimited data storage

  • Automatic daily data backup

  • Standard automotive business process

Cost Savings

  • Free customer support

  • Free automatic update

  • No upfront hardware required

  • No maintenance fee required

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